Hearts race as Porsche 356 flies from Belgium to Canada

donderdag 01 september 2016

Hearts were racing when international freight forwarder a. hartrodt (Belgium) arranged the transportation of a classic Porsche 356C to fly from Brussels to Montreal.

The classic car, which was built in 1965 and had been lovingly restored by the Porsche Centre Brussels Classic, flew in the bellyhold of an Air Canada flight for delivery to a private owner in Canada. The 906 kilogramme car was strapped to a specially made pallet construction so it would fit through the aircraft cargo hold door.

Customs broker Shenkira, which specialises in automotive legislation and documentation handled the necessary paperwork.

a. hartrodt (Belgium) airfreight director, Philippe Fierens says: “It was a pleasure for the Porsche Centre Brussels Classic, Shenkira, and a. hartrodt Airfreight Brussels to combine their strengths and expertise to execute this special assignment.”

“It was followed through by us right from the cars departure from the premises of the Porsche Centre until the key was turned by the owner to hear the engine roar.”

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