Following is a brief introduction of our company

Worldwide Flight Services, Inc. is a neutral independently-owned aviation services company and provides its services in over 100 locations around the world.

In Europe, WFS provides services in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.

In August 1992, American Ground Services ( AGS ), started in Brussels as handler for American Airlines, both at cargo and ramp side. Back then, AGS was a department of the AMR Corporation, the mother company where American Airlines was also a part of.

At that time, the volume of handled freight was limited to AA cargo. American Airlines had 2 flights a day, one to Chicago and one to New York.

In March 1993, American Airlines added a third flight to Dallas Fort Worth. After six months however, this flight was cancelled due to a low passenger load factor.

In September 1993, AGS welcomed Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) as their first off-line client. NCA today is still one of our valued customers and has daily flights between Tokyo and Amsterdam. In 1995, AGS signed a contract with Brussels Airport authorities to obtain a concession for the building of a warehouse with direct ramp access.

In 1996, AGS contracted Asiana Airlines as off-line client. The average handled freight in the first year was about 20 tons on a monthly basis. Asiana Airlines expanded its services to and from Brussels airport in an explosive way and today is one of the biggest cargo airlines into Zaventem, with 4 full-cargo flights a week.

In 1999, the mother company of AGS, AMR Corporation, was sold worldwide and the name, chosen by the new owners became Worldwide Flight Services. Since the European headquarters are based in France and they had been using SFS (Société de Fret et de Services) for quite some time, the head director of WFS in Europe, mr Bijaoui,chose to name the company SFS throughout the whole of Europe. In Belgium, the name SFS Belgium is officially used since March 2000.

In the meantime, SFS Belgium had begun construction works and on August 16, 2000, SFS Belgium officially opened building 712 to the public. The new warehouse opened opportunities to expansion and a number of new clients were attracted.

The first new client handled in 712, was Danzas AEI, for whom SFS handled their overnight Express Trucking product.

In June 2001, Air Canada chose to cooperate with SFS for the handling of their cargo and has almost daily export trucks. Just one month before, US Airways became our third on-line client.

In January 2002, they pulled their flight out of Brussels, but today they are still one of our off-line clients.

On January 1, 2002, Finnair Cargo became the first online European carrier handled by SFS. Finnair often carries freight which requires special handling, like radioactive materials. Of course, every member of our staff is trained to deal with these products in a professional way.

In September 2002, TAP Air Portugal was welcomed as our second European online carrier.

Our regional VP, mr Yves Pinoy, is managing the expansion of Northern Europe: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria, while Marc Claesen is the general manager of SFS Belgium.

In February 2003, SFS Belgium received the ISO9001-2000 certificate as a reward for the continuous efforts to provide a good and tailor-made service to its customers, both airlines and customs brokers.

June 2004 was a busy month for SFS Belgium. American Airlines came to Brussels with a second on-line flight, this time to New York (JFK).

In June 2004, United Airlines decided to cooperate with SFS Belgium to handle the cargo and mail. Every day, United flies a Boeing 767-300 between Brussels and Washington.

And also in June 2004, Aer Lingus becomes the third on-line European airline for SFS Belgium, with four daily flights between Brussels and Dublin.

In November 2004 SFS Belgium changed its name into WFS. This means that they will operate under one name on a global level.

At this moment, WFS (Belgium) is employing 100 people and we do our best to grow in a modern, liberalized environment, with the accent on quality and service, as much to our customers as to our staff.




New temperature controlled storage cells

2 New dedicated temperature controlled storage cells in building 712

WFS Belgium New Bank Account

WFS Belgium New Bank Account